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Home | 21 October 2017

Sorry for the lack of match reports lately, I have had a lot on so not have the chance. Any way this week, it was Park Regis away. After them beating us causing our first lost in over 6 months in a friendly, I wanted revenge from the boys and that’s exactly what we gave. With only 8 players to choose from in which one of those players has been out for 3 weeks, I wasn’t worried as the players I had for selection had been on top form recently and knew they would do a job.

First Quarter
The boys started quickly for a change and it wasn’t long before the ball was in the back of the net. Some quality play from Harry down the left hand side beating 2 park Regis players, Harry then cut the ball across the box In which Rowan was standing on the edge of the box. Rowan took a perfect first touch and hit home giving the keeper no chance.
The second was a screamer from Max, the ball was cleared from the Park Regis defence only to find Max running onto the ball from 15 yards, the ball was hit perfectly first time and smashed the back of the net, once again giving the goalkeeper no chance. 
We started to play the ball around and after last weeks game looked back to our normal ways. Park Regis didn’t really have a sniff on goal in the first quarter as we stayed solid and defended well.

Second Quarter
we started quickly again, chasing down everything and giving Park Regis nothing on the ball. The next goal was a prime example of what we practice on at training. Max winning the ball in midfield, rowan making his run out wide and receiving the ball from Max. Rowan then attacking the Full back turning him inside out, Rowan then was inside the box and with a cheeky toe punt put it past the keeper. A good team goal, well worked from the Midfield, With Oliver making movement to take the Park Regis defenders away from him giving Rowan the space to run into.
With the pressure we were putting on park Regis, it wasn’t long before we hit the back of net again. Again some great link up play between Harry and Rowan. Showing signs on that partnership from last year. The ball pumped up to Harry who chased down well and held the ball up for Rowan who finished beautifully.

Third and Fourth Quarter
Park Regis then scored there first of the game. A big punt from the Goalkeeper, the wind took the ball and managed to bounce over the heads of Archie and Sid. With the ball still bouncing high Sid attempted a clearance but unfortunately ended up hitting our crossbar and looping over Thomas. A freak goal, which doesn’t reflect on how well the shape and defensive duties the boys put in throughout the game.  Not much happened after that, we were left short at the back at times but Archie, Sid & Noah all defended well to stop any danger from Park Regis and in fact not one shot was made at Thomas throughout the whole game.

A well-deserved victory, much better than the week before as we started to pass and move a lot better. The pitch was much smaller than we are used to but seems we play well on smaller pitches. I would still say our best performance was the Larkfield game but it was a great way to end the season unbeaten. We now have a cup competition, which is full of decent teams that will be hard to beat, We will see how the boys get on against Division A teams so we can assess what stage the boys are currently at.
There is no game this week but I am trying to arrange a friendly, if not there will be training session on Saturday morning.


Thomas – A quiet game and not one save to make. The goal that we conceded you could of done nothing about. Your kicking and decision making when you had the ball was good. You let the ball run out at times instead of trying to clear it when you didn’t need to. Around good game, I can ensure you the next month your have a lot more to do.
Game Improvements – Only improvement I could suggest it that when there is strong winds against us, make sure your starting point is on your line, otherwise what will happen is you will be caught out one day with the big kick down field.

Archie – Not the best of starts but you got yourself back into the game and finished strong. You looked more relaxed at times and when you had the ball you looked up for your team mates for the pass. It was good to see you get stuck in at last, you made one strong 50\50 challenge which the other player ended up on the floor. You are tall and strong you really need to start using your physique to boss the defence.
Game Improvements – first thing, watch the ball. The ball will not hurt you. A couple of times the ball came down from the air and you bottled it or completely missed it. I can see you were scared the ball and closed your eyes. You aren’t going to hit the ball if you close your eyes. The next improvement is to dictate where the ball is going, you know if the ground if wet the ball will zip of the surface, you didn’t read this and were caught out a number of times.  You need to get stuck in more, a few strong challenges will give you the confidence to push on and continue making those sort of challenges. Its vital you improve this part of your game, you cant always rely on Sid to do the hard work for you.

Sid – Superb again mate. You made the right decisions on the pitch and the right time. Another performance where you did everything right and looked solid throughout the game. Just keep doing what you’re doing mate, I would like to see you push up the pitch more and finish anything that gets cleared out to you.

Noah – Another solid game, worked hard down the wing again. Made some good challenges and was part of a solid Midfield which kept Park Regis out of our half.
Game Improvements – The movement wasn’t there that you are capable off. I watched you for large parts of the game and could see you were ball watching for some of it. I know you’re capable of producing superb forward and backward movements just like you did against Larkfield. Your young and learning, I cant expect my players to play the perfect game every game otherwise you wouldn’t been playing at this standard. Keep going Noah really pleased with you this season, massive developments from you this season.

Rowan – Another quality game mate, your movement out wide was exceptional and worked really well with Max in the Middle. Another three goals to your name and well deserved to. Finished every chance you had, you are very deadly in front of goal and a massive player to the team. I like the way your now making the correct decisions on the pitch, your getting your head up and looking for team mates, when there is space your running into it.
Game Improvements – one of the new FA laws coming into action is NO instructions from your manager. This is where you will need to stay switched on at all times. A number of times I had to remind you to get back and stop ball watching. Once I made the call you were quick to react and done exactly that. Keep working hard, your attitude in training latest has been spot on well done.

Hazza – Good to have the old Harry B back. You looked up for it, you chased everything and worked hard for the team. When you had the ball you made the correct decisions. Your pace on the ball is frightening, when it looks like the opposition has tackled you, you come out of know where with the ball still at your feet. You setup two goals this week which is just as important as scoring. Great performance up top.
Game Improvements – With the selection of players we currently have it involves playing in positions which may not suit your game. What you need to do it play the best you can in any position I give you. When playing out wide you kept creeping in to the Centre, which compacted the Midfield and did not give us much room to play the ball at times. Its important when we have the ball you stay wide, you also track your man, a number of times you didn’t and were just standing up top with Oliver why they attacked.

Oliver – Good to have you back Oliver, you have missed a few games due to injury so its gunna take time for you to reach the standards you hit before your holiday. It was good to see you working hard trying to get the ball back. You always want the ball to feet which is good to see, you’re not afraid of having the ball where ever you are on the pitch. Keep going, give it a few games once you’re completely 100% fully fit and the goals will start to fly in again. We worked on receiving the ball side on, the will also help you get away from the defenders and create more chances. I will keep working hard with you to get that confidence back.
Game Improvements – With the selectin of players I have I will need you to play in positions that may not suit your game. When asked to play in Midfield I need a positive attitude and that I know you will work your hardest for the team and me.

Max – Also another player that has been exceptional this season. Your work rate and your eagerness to win the ball is outstanding. You take on everything which we tell you which is the reason you have shone out this season. Your getting your head up and looking for the pass, not only has your passing come on massively but you have started to develop what they call a footballing brain. You make quick decisions and most of the time they are the right ones. Your goal was a typical Max goal, found space, the ball came out to you and first time you smashed the ball into the net. Not an easy finish to do especially on that pitch. Keep working hard, continue listening in training and we will see where this takes you well done mate. MOTM and well deserved, everything I have said above is the reason why you picked up the award this week.



Starting Line Up

Thomas Belsey
Archie Latter
Sidney Scott
Noah Sephton
Max Eaton
Rowan Gravenell
Harry Baker


Oliver Randell