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K Sports FC Youth U10 - Tunbridge Wells Ridgeway Panthers

Away | 30 September 2017
 This week it was Tunbridge Wells Panthers away, The pitch was tiny which is something then boys haven’t been used to, so was interesting to see how they would get on with the pitch size.

 1st Quarter

we started slow and the game was scrappy, we weren’t passing the ball around we were just booting the ball up field on every opportunity. Not much football was played after a very poor 1st quarter.

 2nd quarter

After the team talk we came out playing a lot better, again not the greatest football but I would put a lot of that down to the pitch size and not able to create the spaces we usually find out wide.

The first goal came from some great play from Rowan on the left side, a great cross put in with left foot which was heading into the box before the Panthers defender handballed it giving us a penalty. Oliver our current penalty taker stepped up and hocked the ball with power into the bottom left hand corner.

Max with the next goal, some lovely play and skill by Harry opened the Panthers defence, Max was found in space and buried his goal past the very impressive Panthers goal keeper.

 3rd quarter

We now started to find our rhythm, although the football still wasn’t the greatest we were scoring and were putting together some good plays at times.

Harry on the scoresheet to score his first of the game and to continue his very impressive goal scoring form, Harry picked up the ball just inside the Panthers half and ran at the defence from the break, he found himself inside the box and a lovely fake shot was enough to send the defender sliding, with just the goalkeeper to beat Harry slotted home with a smooth goal scoring finish.

Harry shortly after scored his second of the game, 3rd quarter Harry was put up top and worked his socks off for his two goals. His second goal was nicely assisted by Noah from the right, a lovely cross which found Harry in space in the box, from close range Harry poked the ball past the keeper.

 4th Quarter

Oliver scored his second of the game, some lovely play by Rowan again to put the ball across the box from the left, no doubt with Oliver as he powered the ball past the keeper.

The final goal of the game was scored by Rowan, a quick corner taken by Archie to Rowan, the Panthers defenders didn’t close down Rowan quick enough, he took a touch and set himself for the shot, a lovely curling shot hit the post and went it. Superb finish and reward for the hard work you put in throughout the game. Well done Rowan.


Full time, the boys played well at times and to see 4 of the 6 goals scored assisted was pleasing. We didn’t play our normal flowing football but the pitch wasn’t great and the size of the pitch didn’t suit our play. This is something the boys need to get used to as not all teams have the privilege of playing on 3G every week. Much harder opponents this weekend against Larkfield boys so we need to start well, and continue our free-flowing football.


Thomas – Quiet game this week with no much to do, what you did do was good. Kicking throwing out and talking to your defence was good well done.

Josh – Superb this week Josh, much more to do than last week, you made several really good saves and looked confident when coming off your line to collect the ball. Some really good kicks out wide to your team mates out wide.
Game Improvements – Same for both keepers, a bit more urgency when you have the ball. Can you get the ball out to your defenders quicker, or pick out a long kick to the striker who may be in. Minor improvements though, keep up the good work in training and match days.


Sid – all round game good, some good challenges, positioning was superb and some quality covering at times to stop Panthers from going one on one with the keeper.
Game Improvements – same as last week, knowing when to get rid of the ball. If the ball is around the box the ball needs to be cleared, I don’t care where is goes but just get rid of the ball. I know you have the ability but in these areas, we can’t afford to try pass out f of danger, when you get older and the pitches get bigger you will have more of chance but not yet. Keep up the good work, I have noticed in training you have been much more focused and your concentration levels have been spot on ,well done.

 Archie – good game, made some great blocks with your face and stomach and managed to hold in the tears which is great. Positioned well at the back again, you, Sid and Noah all worked well together and were a solid unit, hence the clean sheet.
Game Improvements – I need you to get stuck in more, when the player has the ball I need you closer to him and attempting to tackle, at the moment your standing off the player and letting them run at you. The longer you leave it to get stuck in the more chance you will have of getting hurt from challenges.

 Noah – Another good game, positioned well, covered well and more importantly you marked you player well which stops the opposition playing down your side, when we have the ball you break away from your marker and make yourself available for the pass. Some lovely crosses put in as well, your cross for Harrys goal was well worked, you took the ball down the right-hand side and managed to get away from your marker, with very little room you managed to cross the ball into the box which lead to the goal.
Game Improvements – Lets start communicating with your players, you find some great space but your team mates sometimes don’t know you are there, when Rowan has the ball on the other wing, you sneak round the back and are totally open sometimes but because there is no calling, Rowan dosent know where you are. If you start to shout and call for the ball your score a lot more goals.

Theo - Didn't quite work for you this game but you get your head up and try again this weekend. If your ever having a bad game the best you can do it work hard on the pitch. No player ever has a good game every game, so if things are not going well don't stress about it, just keep chasing the ball and help your team mates out. Lets go again this weekend.

 Rowan – Worked your socks off and was rewarded with a beauty of a goal. You covered the whole pitch well when in the middle. You made the most passes out of everyone on the pitch so it shows me you are listening to what we tell you and learning, great attitude this week also. Rowan keep doing what you’re doing, you’re a fantastic player and although we may seem to hard on you at times its for your own development. Your shooting is the best I’ve seen at this level and your work rate I cannot fault, I know you wonder what you need to do to get MOTM sometimes but because you are that good you need to produce something out of this world to get it, your performances are fantastic every week so you have set a very high level for yourself, keep it up mate well done.
Game Improvements – Just keep getting your head up when on the ball, if your team mates are open the pass to them and move into space. Your goal came from a pass and move with Archie. If you pass and get yourself into a better position you will get the ball back.

 Max – Good game Max, always gets stuck in and wins the ball when its there to be won. You put a shift in all over the pitch and covered your defence well when the Panthers tried to break. You got yourself into some great shooting positions and even managed to get yourself on the score sheet. I cannot fault your work rate you give me every week, you listen when I instruct and really are a pleasure to coach.
Game Improvements – One big improvement that I will sort out is getting your head up when on the ball, as you’re in the centre this makes you the main man and the play will start from you, because of this it’s vital you pick your team mates out when in space, at the moment you’re playing with your head constantly on the ball which restricts you from the players you can see round you. I’m not saying you need to constantly have your head up as you wont know where the ball is but just a quick look up to see if you have time or not. The first quarter you were rushing on the ball and just booting the ball up field, after we had words you started getting the ball down and passing the ball to your team mates, we then started to score goals. This is how important your roll in the team is, a lot of responsibility but if we didn’t thing you were capable i wouldn’t of put you in that position

 Oliver – again another good performance, battled well and started seeing the old Oliver that chased everything and never give up back. Very good calling this week, I could hear you calling for the ball when in space but unfortunately the ball isn’t always finding you at the moment, this will change as we coach the boys to get there head up and look for team mates in space. Its pleasing the see you get into these goal scoring spaces though, it shows me that you are aware of what’s around you and have a striker’s instinct to where the gaps are to be in on goal.
Game Improvements – I need you to start using your strength more, get yourself in front of a defender and use your strength to push back on them, you will then push them back and leave more room for your team mates to pass the ball to your feet, from there you can hold up play and wait for your team mates to join you before releasing the ball. We will continue to coach you on this, as soon as you have mastered this you will be a real hard striker to defend against.

Harry – this week’s MOTM and well deserved to. You worked hard again and very rarely were caught just standing there. Your goals were well taken, you’re very calm on the ball and never panic when the opposition are advancing. Keep up the good work Harry well done.


Boys all done the club proud, one attribute I would like the boys to work on his there communication on the pitch. Every team we have played haven’t used this and in my opinion talking is key on the field. We will start to introduce communication into drills in training to encourage and bring it out of the more quieter ones in the club.

Trainer of the week this week was Josh, some quality saves and concentration in training. Your catching is coming along nicely. Your bravery is one of your main attributes, your never scared to come rushing out to the advancing player. Keep working hard and paying attention.









Starting Line Up

Thomas Belsey
Sidney Scott
Noah Sephton
Max Eaton
Rowan Gravenell
Harry Baker
Theo Murray


Joshua Hendrick
Archie Latter
Oliver Randell