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Match Report

First of all i would like to thank the Trialists for coming along. 

Putting last week’s disappointing loss behind us, It was Vinters this week, another tough challenge for the boys but they need to get used to playing the top teams in preparation for next season.

1st Quarter
Both teams started well and really cancelled each other out. Both teams not really having many clear-cut chances.

2nd Quarter
With new trialists coming in and a few players positions swapped around we started to struggle. Vinters broke the deadlock, the ball was cleared from the Vinters area leaving just Archie at the back to clear the danger, with two Vinters players chasing the ball down, Archie panicked and completely missed the ball leaving just josh to beat, Josh stood strong but wasn’t enough as the Vinters striker finished well.
It wasnt long before Vinters went two up, I’m not sure how this goal crept in but a cross from the by line managed to creep past our defenders and past the goalie.

3rd quarter
The third quarter wasn’t much better for us but we did show more fight, our goal came from a corner. Rowan with a delightful ball into the box, The ball hit Max and went straight into the goal. Not sure how much Max knew about it but making the run into the box to find a good dangerous position to be in is what made the goal.
As we started to get back into the game, Vinters were awarded a penalty. Again the ball should of just been cleared but instead we kept hold of it and lost the ball, The Vinters player advanced into our area and was tripped by Max. The Vinters striker stepped up and blasted the penalty past Thomas.

4th Quarter
It took us till the last quarter to really get going. We pushed to get back into the game and was very unlucky not to. Oliver got himself on the score sheet as the goalkeeper made a weak clearance, from distance Oliver hit the ball, which looped over the keeper. Quality finish and rewarded for his hard work he had put in throughout the game. Unfortunately, the final whistle blew and the boys came in making it a second loss in a row.  

Where to start, I think the last 2 games the boys haven’t been giving 100% as a team. Certain individuals are giving me there all but others aren’t, we can’t win a game when playing the bigger teams if all players don’t give me there all. We did create come chances and the last quarter we produced a performance that we know we are capable of producing. We are conceding some soft goals of late and this is what is costing us. The reason why we had such a good solid run is because we defended as a team and didn’t try anything stupid. Now it seems defensively as a team we are not sticking to the basics. If the ball is in a dangerous position, it is cleared. I’ve also noticed that we have stopped moving for the ball, we are standing there waiting for something to happen, the movement from certain players has stopped which is down to management to sort out with these players.


Thomas – Not really much to do, but what you did was good. You didn’t have a chance with the Penalty. Your kicking was good and when collecting the ball you looked confident and safe well done Thomas. A very good save from the Vinters striker, well done Thomas.

Josh – Your kicking from your hands was good, you managed to get the ball past the half way line which allows your team mates to push up the field. You gathered the ball well from any low shots that were thrown at you.
Game Improvements – We have talked about your starting positon before. When the ball is at the oppositions end, you need to push up and not just stay on your line. If the ball then goes over our defense, you hopefully will be there to clear up. The Vinters goal that crept in front post was a difficult one; it went through a number of defenders legs so your vision would have been blocked.

Archie – I need you to pick up your game Archie, a month ago, you were a different player completely and now it seems you have gone back to your old ways.  The last quarter you were solid, you cleared the ball when in danger, you were strong in your challengers. From now on let’s make sure you play the whole game like this.
Game Improvements – As a defender you need to be strong and not back out of challenges. The first goal came from a simple clearance but you took your eye of the ball because you had 2 Vinters players chasing you down. Don’t be scared of the ball and most of all the players around you.

Noah – With the absent Sid you covered in defense for me. You played brilliantly, well done. Your positioning was spot on, your tackling was brilliant and you’re talking and organisation was good. Another all round good game as you continue to impress.

Harry – Good game Harry, you were more alert and gave me much more than the weekend. When in defense you put in some good challenges, we just need to work on your positioning. You have great ability to skip past defenders, a very dangerous player that causes defenders big problems. When played on the right side, you tracked back well most of the time and cut out the pass.
Game improvements – you take it round 2 players but instead of passing it to someone in space you try to take on another. We need to release the ball at the right times to give us a better chance of scoring. Its just knowing when to release the ball but that is something management will teach you throughout next season. Much better this week mate well done.

Theo – Your hold up play and passing was so much better, you didn’t panic when you had the ball which allowed your team mates to push up the field to support you.
Game Improvements – More chasing again Theo, it was an improvement on previous games but I still need more from you. When the ball is in there half you should be chasing everything down. When it’s in ours that’s your teammates job to win it back.

Max – nice to see you back on the score sheet Max, a good run from the corner allowed you to find yourself free in the box. You chased down well and continued to demand the midfield. It was superb to see you chasing back to help out of your defense in desperate times. You worked your socks off for me so well done.
Game Improvements – I have noticed lately when you have the ball you seem to be panicking slightly and just smashing it up field. I know you have the ability to take players on or pass to players in space. I know some times your team mates are not moving and giving you the space so it may be the only other option is to smash it up field.  I will work with you on this over the next few weeks.

Rowan – Worked your socks off for the whole game, you battled and tried everything to get us back in the game. No clear-cut chances this game but Vinters done well to chase you down stop any real threat from you.
Game Improvements – a couple of times you were in space and all what was needed is a pass, sometimes if the player cannot see you they cannot pass. Not just you Rowan but the whole team will need to start being more Vocal, if you’re in space then ask for the ball so the player with the ball knows to pass to you.

Oliver – Birthday boy didn’t disappoint, another solid game and gave me everything you had. You chased, battled and worked really well. You were strong, always wanted the ball and got yourself into some great areas to receive the ball. You finished your goal brilliantly, the ball was quite far out and you still managed to put enough power on it to lob the keeper. Was unlucky not to score more throughout the game but it wasn’t down to the lack of trying. Keep up this impressive form you have going on mate, You finished your goal brilliantly, the ball was quite far out and you still managed to put enough power on it to lob the keeper. Was unlucky not to score more throughout the game but it wasn’t down to the lack of trying. Keep up this impressive form you have going on mate, you have been different class lately.



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Starting Line Up

Thomas Belsey
Archie Latter
Noah Sephton
Max Eaton


Joshua Hendrick