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Match Report

This week we had arranged a Midweek game against Chatham Town at home. We had played Chatham town in previous week in the summer tournaments so we knew the threats they had.
We welcomed two new trialists this week, Finn and Bobby.


First quarter
a promising start again as we started quickly. We put Chatham under lots of pressure and made a hand full of chances in the first quarter. If it wasn’t for the Chatham keeper who was well positioned and always first to the ball when called upon the deadlock would have been broken a lot earlier.
Surprisingly Chatham Town were the first to break the deadlock. A big boot up field from the keeper looped over our defence and left the ball rolling towards Josh, unfortunately Josh stayed on his line and allowed the Chatham striker to finish well.
A superb response from the boys though, from kick off some nice play between Oliver, harry and Rowan allowed Oliver to find space to get a shot away. Another good save by the Chatham keeper, the rebound fell to Harry who shot but was stopped by the Chatham defender who was positioned on the line, The ball was trickling towards the goal before the Chatham defenders clearance was cleared into his own goal. You didn’t let your heads drop, a perfect response ce when going down 0-1.

Second Quarter
On came Finn and Bobby in the midfield with Harry in the middle. The second quarter was made up of some quality defending which cut out any attacking threat from Chatham. We created a number of chances but again the Chatham keeper was first to everything. Bobby and Finn worked there socks off down the wings and were unlucky not to score at times. Harry was running the show and was chasing everything, he was getting back and winning the ball, the next second he was attacking and causing the Chatham Town defence murders. Theo was unlucky up top after given a number of chances to score but the Chatham keeper was off his line and not allowing Theo to get his shot away.

Third Quarter
With Oliver back on the pitch is wasn’t long before he put us back in the lead. A scramble in the box, the ball fell out to Oliver who with pace and accuracy smashed the ball into the back of the net giving the keeper no chance.
Rowan was next to react and shortly scored his first of the game, some nice play from Midfield, feeding the ball through to Rowan who finished well.
really impressed with this quarter, some nice passing play, good to watch well done boys.

Fourth Quarter
we continued to pressure Chatham and was unlucky not to score, at times we had 3 on 1 but were unable to get it passed the Chatham keeper. Some great play and movement to create such space up top.

Score line doesn’t really reflect on how well you played, plenty of chances created, may be we could have been a little better in front of goal but we created the chances which is the main thing. Again we all worked hard, Harry in the 2nd quarter was outstanding, ran his socks off and covered the whole pitch. Well done boys. Also a thankyou to Finn and Bobby for there Trial, you both worked really hard, we have a number of other players to see but will be in touch.

No game this week because of the Clubs presentation. A night we should all get together and celebrate a fantastic season, which you boys have all played a massive part in and given me and Jo a team to be proud of.


Josh – A quiet game but what you did do was good. Your kicking was good and very direct. You threw the ball out when your defenders wernt marked. You came out most of the time and collected the ball well, your catching was also very good.
Game Improvements – Just the one improvement and that is coming off your line to collect the ball. This is something you will learn the longer you play in goal so I’m not to worried about this. Your general Goalkeeping skills are very good. We need to work on your starting position but apart from that keep doing what you’re doing mate.

Archie – Defended well and very vocal and the back. You and Noah are starting to become very commanding which is a great quality to have in football. You made some good challenges and cleared the danger when needed.
Game Improvements – A number of times you backed off from the ball, if the ball is there to win go and win it, don’t watch the ball until the player moves with it. An example was when the ball was bouncing up, the Chatham, player was waiting for it to come down to his feet, you were watching the ball and waiting for the player to do something with the ball. Whilst its bouncing I need you to charge in and win it before it can get the ball down and start playing.

Sid – Solid Sid is your new name, you have sorted out the marking part of your game and give the opposition very little chances with the ball now. I like the way your very calm with the ball and don’t let dangerous situations phase you. It was good to see you and Archie at the back passing it to each other before finding your teammates further up the field.
Game Improvements – When Josh has the ball you and Archie or Noah needs to split out and go wide. That way the one player running down the middle cannot take you both out the game. Tiny little improvements but all things that will make you an even better player.

Noah – Another decent game Noah, very vocal at the back and organising your defence and midfield to mark any unmarked players. Another shot in midfield and you didn’t disappoint, you were strong and worked well. You marked the wide boys well and stopped them breaking through to our defence. You got the ball down and played well with Max in midfield. You got yourself into some good goal scoring opportunities but the Chatham players did well to close you down. When in defence you were solid, made some big challenges and kept the defence solid. Well done Noah.

Max – Not much to say then keep doing what your doing Max, your hard working and very strong in the centre. I think we have a little Roy Keane on our hands. Your ability to get stuck in and win almost every tackle you go into is your main ability. Were unlucky not to score with your long-range effort but again the Chatham defence done well to close you down. Keep doing what your doing Max well done.

Rowan – Superb again mate, worked hard up and down the field. Scored a great long range shot which lobbed the keeper. Put a shift in tracking back which is key to your game. Your passing and moving was spot on, linked up well with Max and Oliver. Keep up the good work Rowan.

Theo – Much better game Theo, although you didn’t score you had a load of chances, this means your positioning is good. Was much more promising to see you take a touch and pass to your teammates. Unlucky not to score, unfortunately the Chatham keeper was out to you like lightening not given you much chance to turn and have a shot.
Game Improvements – More chasing Theo, if you lose the ball I want to see you make some effort to get it back. You cant just rely on your team mates to win the ball back and pass back to you every time. You need to start helping them out from time to time.
we also need to work on looking around you at all times. a couple of times you had your back to goal, if you had a little look around you whilst the ball was travelling to your feet, you would of seen the goal keeper rush out, you then could of skilled passed the keeper, or passed to a team mate leaving an empty goal to shoot at. Keep going. A couple of improvements to work on but Rome was not built in a day mate.

Harry – Superb game Harry, the second quarter was the best quarter I have seen from you since joining the club. You were everywhere. You battled brilliantly in the centre and tracked back to help your defence out. Was good to see you breaking away with the ball in numbers, when the ball was with Theo you were up there as an option for him to pass to. Unlucky not to score a few times as well, the first goal was very unlucky but again the Chatham keeper kept out your shot. Well done mate more of those performances please J
Game improvements – Releasing that ball a little earlier, a number of times you take a player on and instead of passing it to a team mates that’s free in space you tried to take on another, by that time the player that was free in space was now marked. Really impressed with the second quarter though mate, very tight contender for MOTM.

Oliver – This weeks MOTM and what a great performance. The hold player was brilliant, one touch pass then you moved into space. For the first time I saw you use your strength for the whole game. You battled with every challenged and looked a class striker. When you went in defence, I saw a strong, aggressive side to your play, which you need. You were getting stuck in to your challenges and not giving up when you lost the ball. The last few weeks are really starting to pay off mate, that’s a credit to yourself to have come on in such short space well done.







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Starting Line Up

Joshua Hendrick
Sidney Scott
Archie Latter
Max Eaton
Rowan Gravenell
Harry Baker
Oliver Randell


Noah Sephton
Theo Murray